Patience means taking time to let it breathe.

August 25, 2010

What have you attempted to do lately that remains incomplete?

Is it a favorite past-time activity pushed aside by some work? A phone call or email that you keep meaning to reply to, that just never gets addressed? Time to exercise? Time to organize? Time-out?

Until recently, I would assume that I could find time for everything. I actually assumed that I should find time. But, time is relative to the amount of energy and emotion that you have available to give.

Sitting for 15 minutes and reading on a patch of grass is quiet, personal time spent. Calling a colleague, and discussing a project that inspires you both – is creative time spent. Looking up a friend and taking time to sit down over a meal while sharing stories and ideas is heart-felt time spent. What does it mean to take some time to actually do nothing – but simply to ‘feel’ and to allow life to unfold as it will without any attempts on your part?  It means that you are being patient.

I look patience in the eyes, and realise that I have not spent very much time in this place. I am pretty nervous to confront this, and I mess it all up by over-thinking it.  Simply put, I yearn for calm. Instead, I’m holding my breathe and waiting for patience to ‘kick-in’ and save the day. Instead of holding my breathe I need to let it go. For as long as it takes..just 1 breathe at a time. Slowly nuturing the calmness that I need. Slowly getting more patient and succeeding to let things happen as they will.

This is the way to complete what needs to really happen. Patience will reveal the truth.

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