Reflections on midnight shopping

December 16, 2010

There is a deep-freeze happening outside. We all scurry from door to door. We seek our safe-havens. The shelter and warmth of home. The comfort and company of friends and loved ones. These are the rituals of the holiday season. oh..and we are congregating at the mall.

Christmas has actually crept up on me this year…the holidays are looking me in the face, and I didn’t see them coming. I am (perhaps) one of the only people that I know who hasn’t shopped at all, or spent much time fulfilling the retail requirements of the holiday season.

I recently spent some time doing the ‘midnight shopping’ experience with someone, and I have to say it was comical but not very fruitful. My companion attributed my lack of enthusiasm to the environment and the hour, but it was really more like walking into the casino and being overwhelmed by the overzealous gamblers – and not feeling ready to play the slots. I just don’t want to elbow my way to the shelves. I feel the superficial part of Xmas is it’s most unattractive quality. I don’t want to show my spirit and how much I care about others – with something trendy or extravagant.

Am I missing something here..or is this not the plastic-wrapped time of the year? Do we start to measure the level of affection that we have for our loved-ones by the bargains and gift-wrap that we can cover our purchases in? I don’t like to measure the worth or weight of my love. Frankly, I feel this time of the year can be equated to Valentine’s Day for lovers. It is a sad relationship and individual who sees a specific date on the calendar as the obligatory time to “show” someone how he feels. I love all of the time. I don’t need a specific day of the year to remind me of this fact.

I will ultimately need to participate on some level, (Santa will be visiting for certain), but it’s more important to me to spend quality time with my loved ones with the ‘gift exchange’ being more of a hug and laugh and talk of plans together in the New Year.

To all of my friends and family: I love my time with you, not something that can be measured by the discount deals that are being offered at the mall. I won’t be midnight shopping for a token gift that expresses what you mean to me.

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