Looking forward

September 19, 2010

I sit with you and we recount our years of friendship.

Too many to know precisely, but there was a definite starting place and a middle and now we are moving along on parallel paths towards the next destination.

The strength of our friendship is respect.

Respect for ourselves, and respect for the other.

A learning connection.

I can tell you everything that is real for me and you will help me to take the best of it and carry it forward.

Our friendship is a journey and I was meant to meet you along this path.

I look forward thanks to you.

Quiet is…

September 11, 2010

Quiet is home.

The outside world shows me momentary joys, but so many people will take from me and empty me.

I crave the taste and touch of truly relaxed time spent together.

Things have been slowing from the moment we first met.

A gentle forward momentum keeps my heart beating patiently.

This quiet place is where I belong.

What have you attempted to do lately that remains incomplete?

Is it a favorite past-time activity pushed aside by some work? A phone call or email that you keep meaning to reply to, that just never gets addressed? Time to exercise? Time to organize? Time-out?

Until recently, I would assume that I could find time for everything. I actually assumed that I should find time. But, time is relative to the amount of energy and emotion that you have available to give.

Sitting for 15 minutes and reading on a patch of grass is quiet, personal time spent. Calling a colleague, and discussing a project that inspires you both – is creative time spent. Looking up a friend and taking time to sit down over a meal while sharing stories and ideas is heart-felt time spent. What does it mean to take some time to actually do nothing – but simply to ‘feel’ and to allow life to unfold as it will without any attempts on your part?  It means that you are being patient.

I look patience in the eyes, and realise that I have not spent very much time in this place. I am pretty nervous to confront this, and I mess it all up by over-thinking it.  Simply put, I yearn for calm. Instead, I’m holding my breathe and waiting for patience to ‘kick-in’ and save the day. Instead of holding my breathe I need to let it go. For as long as it takes..just 1 breathe at a time. Slowly nuturing the calmness that I need. Slowly getting more patient and succeeding to let things happen as they will.

This is the way to complete what needs to really happen. Patience will reveal the truth.

Some days are exhausting with people to see, projects to chip-away at, tasks to accomplish and goals to shoot for. These very same days are incredibly rewarding, and can leave you with a feeling of really being completely ‘alive’ as your completely exhausted head hits the pillow at last. By ‘alive’ I mean, feeling like you are finding your spot, and maybe even serving a purpose to someone or solving a problem that exists. 

(Enough of this writing third-person!) I have had a day that really opened my eyes and opened me to new possibilities. I believe it’s due to looking around me. I am completely humbled by the accomplishments and the sheer bravery of others that I know. I admire an entire community now more than ever. 

Part of my experience as a local arts enthusiast – is really getting to see what many creative-types are doing. Sometimes (when I’m lucky) I get to hear a few personal stories and find out who these artists really are. They are incredibly brave in my opinion. They come by it honestly, and cannot repress the expression of it. They are truly alive. 

What continues to amaze me is the honesty and generosity of the artist. There is a complete willingness (impulse or requirement) to give to the listeners and observers. A truth that is rarely achieved and rarely explored by the rest of us. An ability to work hard and give, give, give. 

Tonight as I am physically and mentally exhausted from the day, I am recounting what I saw and who I heard. As long as there are artists willing to share, I am willing to dig-deeper and lie down at night a bit more tired but really feeling what life has to offer. 

Thanks from me to the artists – who shape daily experiences and help to show people like me that giving your all is really what we are here to do.

I find that solution-minded people set out to solve a problem in the creative realm by using the standard template that has been proven to work before – and stick with that formula. Enter -> Myspace and individual facebook fan pages.

Artists want an audience. Formula is applied. Problem solved, right? Everyone can start to look the same. Are the solutions helping to strengthen the community at large? Did anyone learn anything or meet anyone to expand their network? Who is finding this method of promoting their art very exciting?

Well…how about flipping that approach around and making a point of asking:

What do you really want?

What I specifically want to do is help build a stronger community here. It could begin online but it can, and will continue offline. You are the community I want to talk to. You know what is lacking in terms of community support for the arts and public reach. You are pushing to share to a wider audience all of the time. You have hurdles that take away from sharing your art. Some things are just too time-consuming to seem worthwhile. I want to know what problems you are encountering and help to find solutions from within the community if possible. 

This is going to translate into a community GATHERING. A focus group initially, that can put all of the information and questions and contacts in one place and work together to help raise up the community, reach out to the audiences and solve specific problems.

I have some ideas and so do you. 

(It’s time to start the conversation…)

If there is a higher-power…

February 27, 2010

For those who really know me, you realise I would never really question that.

“Sugarbush Trail” Gatineau Park, 2009 

This incredible power comes from someone/something that I know exists in my life. Never will a day pass for me that I don’t feel that strong energy and it is a comfort around me.

For this, I am truly thankful.

There are some things that I am unable to face completely on my own. It’s the higher-power guiding me and lifting me up to keep my head above the mire. Some entire weeks can feel that way. Every day more difficult. No exaggeration. I am not the one keeping myself afloat. There is a strong energy that pulls me along. Literally pulls me. Not trying to be all ‘new-age and spiritual’ here, but it’s pretty amazing what sometimes happens.  A positive influence seems to be speaking to me. Whispering gently in my ear…telling me that this is a lesson and a winding journey towards a much better place. I will get there. To that ‘better place’.

The strength that I need to stay in the moment. The confidence that I need to give advice. The joy that I need to generate for life’s little accomplishments. The knowledge that I need to express when I look into my children’s eyes. The commitment that I need to have to complete the difficult tasks. These things all come from a powerful place. Yes, they are my accomplishments – but I don’t walk alone as I do these things.

This past week was a doozy. One that could have pulled me down and held me down for some time. 

There were some powerful arms wrapped around me. I felt them.

I just wanted to say thanks. 

Writing from the heart

December 30, 2009

I really fall for words written from the heart. The subject matter could be something that I care about passionately, or sometimes it’s a topic that I have never explored.  Truthfully, when a writer launches into any topic with enthusiasm and concentration – I fall in love with the words on the page. This is an upfront expression on my part. I share in the honesty of what the writer wants me to read. I am completely absorbed. This is an escape of sorts, and it is what I am there for. I want it to be real. For a few minutes, I can’t imagine it being any other way. It’s love.

For me, great creative writing is like loading-up a brush with thick, heavy pigmented paint and stroking it across a bare canvas. The trail that is left has emotion, color, intensity and leaves a clear impression. The specific words are very important, but at the same time, it is an honest moment from the imagination of the artist. I may react to the words for many reasons. The overwhelming reason that I am touched by creative writing is that it stems from an idea that was created by one writer and is given as a gift for me to enjoy.

Express with all the emotion that you are feeling when you write creatively. Whether it be anger, exhuberance, hilarity or sadness. It comes through in a colorful and meaningful way, like a beautiful piece of art.

I can feel it too when it comes from the heart.