January 1, 2012


  /ˌrɛzəˈluʃən/ Show Spelled[rez-uh-loo-shuhn]  noun

 1.  a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

Resolve This!

The beginning of the New Year is notoriously the time to look at our calendars and perhaps to jot down some key dates, and resolutions for personal change. Right?  (At least, that has been my position on the change-over to a new calendar, for many years.)  These days, I’m thinking that looking at the numeric change as a “marker” for personal change is a bit of a cop out. Whatever you were considering doing to better yourself on July 1st should be applicable on January 1st as well.  Is there any reason that changes that help us to grow should have an expiry date?

Why put it off?

The holidays are so hectic with the usual obligations and budgeting and attempts to spend some quality time with friends and family amidst the flurry of activity…we lose sight of what we really want to do and what brings us joy.  Much of the time, we count on some ‘time-off’ in order to relax and make the most of the holiday season.  The time-off arrives, and we are still up to our ears and eyebrows with cooking and gifting and scheduling – with a hurried mind-set and a worried outlook. Will there be enough time to get everything done? Will that person like their present? Am I doing enough?

Why put so much pressure on ourselves, simply due to the date on the calendar? What about enjoying time spent with these people ALL through the year? Why is a gift considered a representation of how much we care? Who are we comparing ourselves to?

A little tradition goes a long way

Having moved into a blended-family arrangement somewhat recently with my true love, we have had the necessity to combine ideas for the holidays and beyond. Starting some of our own ‘traditions’ seems to be a good place to begin showing what matters to our kids.  We all get comfort from routines and traditions in our lives. That being said: I’m ready to shed the old ideas, and begin generating some new ones with this amazing man and our family. We’re showing them what happiness and true love looks like, so giving them a relaxing new set of traditions that they can count on,  is also part of parenting them. Breaking from the usual ‘expectations’ may just be how we quantify “tradition”. It may be the way we stay happy, too.

Parting thoughts

What are you doing at this time of the year that brings you comfort instead of stress?

Do you look at the date on the calendar, in order to promise to make changes to your life?

How is that working for you?