August 2, 2011

Recently I marked a turning-point on my life journey. That is, I did literally that – I got another tattoo to mark this time of change.

A few years back, the experience of having my very first tattoo (representing the desire to carry peace with me) represented a slew of changes in my life. It was my way of  marking that I was getting to know who I really was. Stressful, big changes were happening and I was learning, growing and becoming more aware of what I was capable of all the time. Celebrating what I wanted out of my life, my relationships with others, and staying true to myself from that moment on as I was moving forward – was clearly displayed with a permanent piece of artwork on my skin. I had spent 39 years of my life ‘ink-less’ so, the commitment to having a place in time literally marked  meant a lot to me. Of course, I always knew there would be more changes to follow – and reasons to visit the artist: “Buzz” again.

People do all sorts of things to pay homage to change in their lives. For me, it could be a trek along the beautiful Trans Canada Trail that I have been meaning to explore one day, or even an artistic expression such as a canvas to hang on the wall, a blog post or poem that I write or even a song…that really helps to express how my life is expanding and I am feeling. For you, it could be so many other options. But it has been sharing the story of changes in my life with an artist who interprets it, and helps me to display something permanently on my flesh – that appeals to my mindset.

Now I have reached another significant milestone. I can honestly say I have learned many new lessons and see with new eyes as a parent and as a person  – largely due to a new relationship that has grown out of a friendship in my life. What an incredible gift it is, to meet someone who ultimately holds up a mirror for me, and allows me to see more.  The mirror shows me that patience is a valuable attribute in my parenting and as a daughter and family member.  The principle of KISS or “Keep It Simple Stupid” is the underlying theme in my blended-family life with this loving partner.  He brings simplicity and clarity under the busiest of circumstances and during moments of chaos and distraction he is steadfast and calm.  He simply does this effortlessly. And so, when he said with conviction: “I simply love you.” there has never been any doubt about where we are headed.  When concerns arose he said: “Keep it simple…” and he was there to show me how.  I had my newest inspiration to mark this time of growth.

So, the tattoo that I have added will serve as a daily reminder of what I already know (and live) within my heart. It is a symbol of sticking with simplicty not complicating things, remaining steadfast and true. I guess, on the surface level – it is a gentle reminder to anyone who sees this word, that we need to be in the moment with those we love and indulge in a Kiss more often.

How do you celebrate that you are growing and changing? Do you share what you are learning?