My gut, and the “p-word”

February 24, 2011

Discovering more about myself always means venturing into unknown territory. The path looks familiar, but so many new elements prove that it is not. I navigate with some help.

When the road turns a corner that I’ve never been around I have a chance to learn more about myself and my motivations and fears. Past experience doesn’t really make a huge difference, when I’m blazing a new trail. It’s ok to have that well-worn map called ‘experience’ there in my back pocket as the Plan B option, but new territory begets new actions and reactions. I’ve changed. The characters I encounter along the way are new. Yep, I’m new.

I have some help with the lack of experience here.

Only recently I truly embraced the fact that my life is going to be a scheduling ‘challenge’ (read: night-mare) for many years to come. It may remain this way indefinitely. Somewhat scary. But, with the usual weekly requirements, plus the added creative outlets …and some lovely social add-ons…it’s a patchwork-quilt of notes in my ol’ Google calendar now. This isn’t abnormal. It’s just something I have finally ’embraced’ and know that I want.

When you have passion for something and can finally truly express it/live it/love it or even someone – you have even more room than you ever thought possible in your calendar and capacity to learn and share and love. There’s that trick:  when you have the capacity to generate even more of the good stuff as you go along. Right?  The secret’s in the gut.

Sure, I have worries and wonders and wish I could answer all of the questions that drive me… but my gut is gonna show me what makes sense at the time when I need to know or take action. As one dear person that I know frequently says: “have patience”. Patience (the p-word) is the key to living with acceptance. Acceptance means you live and let live in many cases. Don’t rush or push the things that you love or want to achieve. Let your inner voice guide you. Your inner friend, really.

Some of my life’s questions are really fears that I am dwelling on. Some are things that will never be. Many are hopes that motivate me to keep pushing through, and to be the best person that I can be.

I have navigated my way onto a new road. It’s exciting to be here – but also intimidating and bigger than any place I have ever been before.

My gut tells me it’s safe, and filled with infinite possibility.

My gut is almost never wrong.

Looking forward

September 19, 2010

I sit with you and we recount our years of friendship.

Too many to know precisely, but there was a definite starting place and a middle and now we are moving along on parallel paths towards the next destination.

The strength of our friendship is respect.

Respect for ourselves, and respect for the other.

A learning connection.

I can tell you everything that is real for me and you will help me to take the best of it and carry it forward.

Our friendship is a journey and I was meant to meet you along this path.

I look forward thanks to you.